If you’re a long-time homeowner, you know that feeling of frustration when your light switches or any other electronic appliances stop working. 

Hurrying to look for the best 5-starred electrician in town, you go on Google and do a quick search for those that have good reviews and emergency services hours. 

Has this ever occurred to you? 

You’re not alone. In this article, we give real stories from real customers who have fixed their problems fast through reliable electrical services. 

Here’s How Bob Took Advantage of A Reliable Electrical Installation Service Right On Time

Bob owns a home in the local neighborhood. He wanted to have a whole-house generator installed. 

Because the generator required a higher energy demand, Bob also knew he had to update and replace his electrical panel. 

Fortunately, he had his generator installed just in time. As his home lost power for a few days, a full-powered working generator truly became a lifesaver! 

“It’s great to have that generator installed so quickly. We ran out of power for almost 4 days! Without a reliable electrical installation service, we wouldn’t have made it!”

Jeff, a local home electrician from Assurance Electrical Service, was the man tasked for the electrical installation job. 

Because of his good work, Jeff was able to make a lasting impression on Bob through his quality and affordable service. 

A Customer Working-From-Home Encountered Problems With His Newly Installed Solar Panels. 

Find Out How He Was Able To Continue Working With A Quick Electrical Wiring Fix

Patrick had a new solar panel installed recently at his home. He was looking forward to his cost and energy-efficient energy source since he works from home. 

Unfortunately, he ran into some power problems and couldn’t continue to do his job. 

Since he relied so much on electricity for work, Patrick did all the quick fixes and solutions he could do to restore the power in his office. Yet, nothing was working! 

Desperate to get things working again, he Googled for a local electrical company that offered emergency after-hour service. 

The first in the results list was Assurance Electrical Services. 

“The electricians from Assurance Electrical Services were nothing but lifesavers! They were able to restore the power in my home office temporarily until my solar panel installer could come back to fix the problem. I’d like to give Patrick [the electrician] a shout out for helping me out even in the after-hours!” 

Patrick was glad he could start working much sooner than he expected. 

In the event he has another electrical problem, he already knows the number to call — his new-found favorite electricians. 

Joan needed more than one electrical installation job. Here’s how an electrician informed her of her options to lower her electrical bills. 

electrical installation service

Joan wanted to cool her home in the most efficient and effective way possible. After deciding to buy a ceiling fan, she contacted Assurance Electrical Services to work on the electrical installation. 

She found that the company also serviced whole-house fan installations. Curious about the technology, she talked to Jeff the electrician whether it’s a good energy-efficient method to cool her home. 

“Jeff is honest and informative! He really took the time to survey my house. Instantly, he was able to give me a quote and scheduled the installation around my free time.” 

In one day’s work, Joan is now enjoying her whole-house fan and the savings that come along with it! 

In addition to the electrician’s knowledge and expertise in electrical installations, Joan expressed Jeff’s “prompt, efficient, trustworthy, skilled, communicative, and affordable” electrical installation services. 

An out-of-the-blue call for a repair got this customer’s to-do list complete. Here’s how: 

Alleina wanted to prioritize her family’s safety at home, so she bought a Ring Door 2

She opted to get a professional to finish the wiring and installation of her new security system device. 

Eric and Jeff, the trusted electricians from Assurance Electrical Services, were assigned for electrical installation services she needed.  

Initially, there were some issues encountered in the first installation, so Jeff and Eric went back to Alleina’s house to fix the problem. 

Many people would see this as an inconvenience, but lucky for Alleina, she was able to get more than just an installation done when her electricians returned. 

“Jeff and Eric also installed a timer switch for my outdoor lights, fixed a busted light bulb in my daughter’s room, and looked into my motion light in the backyard.” 

Now, Alleina got her security device installed and around-the-house problems repaired. 

Here’s what she has to say, “These guys came on the dot, finished the tasks, and were dependable!” 

These testimonials are just a few of the stories that the customers of Assurance Electrical Services have shared. 

Are you one of our satisfied clients with a story to tell? We’d love to hear from you again in the comments below! 

Your Trusted Local Electrician At Your Service 

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