Looking for quick fixes to do your own DIY home electrical works on YouTube? 

Do you find it frustrating as you followed every step to no avail? 

In reality, being a homeowner takes a lot of responsibility, and keeping it in tip-top shape can get quite costly! So when issues arise, it’s these DIY fixes we try to rely on to save some money. 

However, if they aren’t done to the tee, you’re likely to spend more time, effort, and money in the long run.

That’s why residential electricians always advise you to leave the job to the professionals who have the expertise and efficiency to solve your electrical issues. 

Do you wonder, “should I call a local home electrician near me?” Read more to learn the benefits. 

Consider this fact before you begin your own home electrical service project: 

Did you know that electricians need to do 8,000 hours of electrical work in addition to hours of classroom learning to be certified? 

That almost equates to a bachelor’s degree! 

Working on electrical wiring can be a dangerous job. In fact, in your home, the electrical requirement for an average-sized home can range from 100 to 200 amps. 

That’s something you don’t want to deal with. 

These are the 15 projects that local, licensed electricians are trained and qualified to work on: 

15 Ways Hiring A Local Electrician Protects Your Home 

1. Electricians are knowledgeable about the local electrical codes for home renovations

Are you looking forward to remodeling your home? Hiring a professional electrician can make your home projects a breeze. 

Electrical contractors can assist you in the planning and installation of outlets, landscape lighting systems, whole-house fans, and a lot more. 

There are several unexpected replacements and repairs when doing a home renovation. 

By letting a trusted electrician do the electrical work, you know your home is safe as they’re trained to abide by the local electrical code and regulations.

trusted local electrician

 2. Assurance that your home electrical projects are done right the first time 

Hiring a professional electrician eases a lot of stress when doing a home improvement project. 

Some of your home electrical needs like installing a ceiling fan or recessed lighting are quite complex to do on your own. 

Working with a licensed electrician near you, you can be assured that things will work right without any hassle. 

It’s also convenient to get your installations and home projects serviced by a local electrician. In case of a problem, you can just call them and they’ll know how to fix it! 

The electricians near you are also knowledgeable in your area’s building codes if you need electrical work done in these settings. 

3. Make your home more environmentally friendly

Are you aware of how much energy you’re wasting at home? Running different appliances all at the same time can result in high energy consumption.  

By consulting with a licensed electrician, you can learn about the different ways you can cut down your energy expenditure and lower your monthly energy bills. 

They can advise you of the best-automated electrical systems that will turn off unnecessary appliances like heat or lights to conserve energy. 

4. Upgrading your electrical system and appliances increase efficiency

Are you still running your grandma’s old hairdryer? Have you thought about the last time that you’ve replaced your appliances? 

Many of your appliances may have worked for a long time, but they might actually be the reason behind your high energy bills.

Newer electronics are designed to be more cost-efficient. The electricians near your area can do a house inspection and suggest the house improvements you need. 

Not only will this save you from wasting energy, but also help you cut down on unnecessary home expenses. 

5. Professional electricians do extensive home inspections to help you avoid risks and hazards

Can you recall the last time you had a professional check up on your electrical system? 

As a homeowner, regular maintenance and inspections are essential to keep your home safe. 

Electrical systems can wear out with persistent use and demand. Electricians can look into these signs to save you from the dangers of faulty electrical systems: 

Your electrician can list the upgrades, replacements, and repairs you need at home to make it safer and more energy-efficient. 

home electrical inspection

6. Electricians are trained in rewiring your home right

Have you been living in the same house for more than 20 years? Your home might be due for some electrical wiring upgrade, especially if these are happening: 

It’s also suggested that you get your electrical wirings changed to copper if your old-fashion house is powered by aluminum wirings

Experts say copper is sturdier than aluminum as it wears out much faster. This can result in loose or faulty connections, which puts your home at risk for fires. 

7. Electricians can diagnose and fix tripped circuits

Are you resetting your breakers and service panels more often? The common cause of a tripped circuit breaker is the overloading demand by the service panel. 

In this cause, the safety switch in the service panel shuts down the power in a specific part of your house. 

If you need to make these power demand alterations in your home, it might be time to consider upgrading your circuit breakers. 

This job can only be diagnosed and fixed by a licensed electrician. 

8. A local electrician can save your house from danger by changing defective outlets 

You can tell your outlets need to be replaced if you experience the following: 

A defective outlet can put your home at risk as they’re likely to cause a house fire. 

That’s why, once you spot these signs, electricians strongly suggest that you get your outlets serviced as soon as possible to avoid these dangers.

Don’t let rely on yourself to do this DIY project. Electricians have been trained for hours and have the experience to know how to properly and safely change electrical outlets. 

9. Installing power generators requires the expertise of an electrician

You lost power at home and you don’t know what to do. Has this ever happened to you? 

Chores are forgotten, your kids are out of control, and the food in your fridge is starting to spoil. Things can get very frustrating. 

If you’ve found yourself in this situation, having a generator might come in handy. However, before purchasing one, it’s best to consult your local electrician to know which one suits your needs. 

Need help getting all your generators sorted out for you? Let the electrical pros work on the installations! 

10. Electricians can keep your appliances safe from damaging power surges 

Did you know that your home is 20 times more at risk because of a power surge? This is the average amount of power surges you can experience in a day. 

Power surges happen when there’s an increase in the electrical current. 

An issue from the power supply company, lightning hitting the transformer, or too much high-energy appliances working can be the cause of this surge.

Too much power running through your electrical outlets can potentially fry your appliances. 

To avoid these potentially harmful situations, an electrician can install a whole-house surge protector to keep your electronics and appliances safe.

electrician nearby me

11. Electricians are trained well to install any sauna, jacuzzi, or heated pool in your home 

After a long day at work, wouldn’t it be nice to relax in these luxuries? 

You wouldn’t want your unwind time to be cut short by an electrical problem. Get your sauna, heated pool, or jacuzzi installed by an experienced and licensed electrician. 

These luxury appliances need a particularly high voltage and amperage to operate. 

Only an electrical pro will know how to wire and install these units correctly to ensure that energy demands are distributed well. 

In addition, they are also familiar with the National Electric Code necessary to meet the requirements of the installation.

12. Electrical pros near your area can tell when it’s time to replace your electrical panels

Do you have an old home? Are you on the works to do these home improvement projects: 

It’s best to also consider getting your electrical panels updated

Call on your local electrical pros near you before you begin your house modifications. 

They will make sure your house is serviced with the most efficient and safest panel boxes. 

13. Ensure your home security systems are in good working order

You want to protect your home and your family with a security and surveillance system. However, before it does its job, you have to be sure they’re working properly. 

Faulty loose wiring can cause your electrical systems to malfunction. In the event of an emergency, you don’t want your wirings to glitch a live stream feed. 

You can work with an electrician to know the ideal places to install a security camera. 

They can prepare a thorough surveillance plan and service your installation as well. 

14. Trust on a professional electrical contractor to install your smoke detectors 

Fires can be easily prevented if you have hardwired smoke detectors, rather than the battery-operated alternatives, installed in your home. 

Smoke detectors offer so many life-saving benefits to your home. Looking to buy one? Consider having these features: 

If you want to switch your battery-operated detectors for hard-wired ones, it’s best to get an electrician to do the installation for you. 

More than the installation, they can also sort out the outlet box necessary to run the cables in every smoke detector. 

Once the cables are installed, the electrician will also test each smoke detector to make sure it’s functioning properly. 

Already have an existing home security system? Your electrician can also work on wiring your new smoke detectors to your current system. 

15. Hiring an electrician will protect you and your family from electrical shocks 

Ever notice the GFCI initials on some of your electrical outlets? These outlets are necessary for your bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, or rooms with water sources. 

Ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) lowers the risk for electrical shock and has been designed to turn off when there are changing electrical currents. 

Having these installed by a professional can save your home from a potential electrical fire. 

The Bottomline

electrician nearby me

No need to ask yourself anymore, “who are the best electricians near me?” 

Assurance Electrical Services is here to help you with all your home electrical needs! We are experienced and trained to work on a wide array of electrical problems. 

Our service prioritizes your home and your family’s safety. 

Are you one of our satisfied customers? What was your experience like? Let us know your comments and suggestions below! 

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