QuietCool - A Whole House Fan Installation

You’ll be amazed at the refreshing comfort you’ll feel throughout your entire house. You’ll be even more amazed at the energy savings when you install the QuietCool Whole House Fan System.

A Quiet and Cool Comfort for the Whole House

Are you looking for a more affordable way to cool your house from the Arizona heat this summer? Running the air conditioning day and night to stay comfortable can get expensive fast! We have the solution to help you effectively decrease your monthly energy usage which will also lower your energy bills.

What Do Whole House Fans Do?

The Whole House Fan by QuietCool is an innovative home cooling system. It’s designed to bring in the cool outside air to rapidly decrease the temperature in your home with an effective ventilation method.

It’s as simple as turning on your fan and opening your windows.

This dynamic is similar to when the weatherman says a cold front is moving in. Expect higher winds. When you turn on the whole house fan and open the windows, the cool air from the outside rushes in and pushes the hot stale air up and out your ceiling vents and through the duct network. The cool air that is dispersing the hot air creates a vacuum effect to draw the hot, stale air through the ventilation system. In your own home, you will experience a cool, refreshing breeze that will rapidly drop the temperature by 10 degrees.

It’s like experiencing a cold-front in your own home!

As the fan continues to operate, it will consistently replace the air to further drop its temperature. As the uncomfortable, stuffy air flows out of each room, it goes up through the attic. By way of attic fans, the hot air is expelled out of the attic to further cool down the house and regulate its temperature.

Better than Air Conditioning?

The whole house fan can work in conjunction with an air conditioning unit or independently. Installing the whole house fan system alongside an existing A/C unit will drastically reduce the need to have to constantly run the A/C. The reason being, the A/C no longer has to compete with the heat that is trapped in the attic from the sun beating on the roof all day, which can cause its temperature to reach up to 160 degrees in the summer months! Without a whole-house fan installation, the A/C has to regulate the temperature in your home to maintain the programmed temperature. The heat from the attic negates its efforts causing your A/C to kick on more often. Whole house fans provide circulation and ventilation using the air duct arrangement in your home to vent out the attic and decrease its temperature. Less A/C run time means more money in your wallet!

Is a Whole House Fan a Good Idea?

If you ask us, we think it’s a brilliant idea. This cooling system was expertly designed to eliminate any added energy usage. Instead of relying on electricity to run, the whole house fan cooling system relies on the law of gravity.

The Engineering Behind Whole House Fans

Whole house fans work in conjunction with your home’s duct system to ventilate your rooms to provide maximum comfort. The damper box installation, that comes as part of the setup, goes onto the vents. When the QuietCool home fan is turned on, gravity pushes the damper doors open to exhaust the hot air. When the fan is turned off, the pressure of the incoming air diminishes and the damper doors automatically close. No electric fans are needed and your energy bills are barely impacted.

You will save money on your electric bill

One of the key benefits of installing the QuietCool Whole House Fan is that it cuts down the usage of your air conditioner. Whole house fans were designed to be energy efficient. They require a significantly less amount of energy compared to an A/C, which can cost you several dollars an hour. The QuietCool Whole House Fan only costs pennies an hour to operate. It can slash your A/C usage by 50% to as much as 90%! That’s a huge saving on your energy bills. The Department of Energy also states that whole-house fans are the most efficient cooling method for your home.

Can you run a whole house fan all night?

The ideal time to run your whole-house fan is at the coolest parts of the day, which is at night and early morning. The effectiveness of the system relies on cooling the whole house down, not just the air. At night only, only open the windows in the rooms where you will need the cooler, comfortable temperature and let the whole house fan do the rest!

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Look Forward to the Summer Again with a QuietCool Whole House Fan

Beat the Arizona summer heat with the installation of a whole house fan and start saving money on your home cooling! We are proud to be Prescott’s authorized QuietCool Advanced Whole House Fan installers. Enjoy the fresh, natural calming breeze through your open windows and your lowered monthly energy bills today! Call now to schedule an appointment or fill out the form below for a free quote. We will assess your home’s floor plan and design a whole-house fan installation for you to get the most efficient and effective cooling relief. Assurance Electrical Services offers the highest quality services at reasonable rates. Your satisfaction is our number one goal.